HTTPPoll is a website monitoring and alert program. It polls a list of URLs at periodic intervals, and notifies you when any of them returns an error code. HTTPPoll can run three types of alerts:
  1. Email. This can be especially useful if you have a beeper-enabled email address.

  2. Dialog box. This is handy if you are at your computer. The pop up box will notify you of the problem as soon as it is detected.

  3. Shell script. If you want to perform an action automatically when a website goes down, you can write your own script and have HTTPPoll run it.

HTTPPoll is a command-line driven program, written in the Java language. It is released under the GNU General Public License and uses a variety of Open Source libraries, including: Jakarta commons HTTPClient and cli, JDOM, JavaMail, and log4j.

You may download the latest release from the SourceForge project site.


  • CVS Web Interface

  • To check out code anonymously from CVS:

    cvs login
    cvs -z8 checkout HTTPPoll


These are also available with the download: Logo

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